Remus Lupin Needs A Hug

Will You Give It to Him?

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Hail, well met, and otherwise welcome to Hug A Werewolf, a community devoted to the many pairings involving the intellectual werewolf, Remus John Lupin. Poor guy has had such a hard life - being a werewolf, watching one of his best friends betray another best friend and his wife, welcoming another old friend back into his life just to watch him die two years later, having Molly Weasley interefere in his personal life - and we believe in making him happy for once.

We welcome anyone who writes about, draws art of, or just supports ANY pairing, het or slash, that has Remus in it. If you want to make him happy, we don't care who it's with - Sirius, Tonks, Snape, Bill, Luna, Hermione...just give the poor bloke something to smile about.

We Welcome:
* Fanfic - original and recommendations, all ratings, but PLEASE us an lj-cut for all posts of over 100 words; PLEASE POST A RATING AND WARNING ABOUT EACH PIECE
* Fanart - all ratings
* Essays - about anything related to Remus and Remus Ships.
* Icons, Banners, and Other Such Fun
* Discussion and metafiction of Remus Ships or anything related to them
* Fan Mixes, et cetera, as long as they're relevant.

We Don't Like:
* Quizzes, questionnaires, and memes (oh my!) - save that for your personal journal
* Ship Bashing - that's not cool, regardless of who it is. If you don't like a ship, that's fine, but bashing ANY ship (even a non-Remus one) is right out.
* Posts looking for a fic or requesting one - there are communities for that; go there.
* Unrelated advertisements - Remus-centric stuff is fine, Remus pairing-centric stuff is also fine. Anything else is pretty much Not Fine.

Miscellaneous Important Rules:
* Put all fic that's over 100 words behind an LJ-cut.
* Put all art behind an LJ-cut.
* Please use the following formats when posting art and fic (or something closely resembling them):

Name of Piece:
Name of Artist:
Pairing, if applies:
Rating & Warnings

Title of Piece:
Name of Author:
Type: Slash, Het, Threesome, etc.
Genre: Humor, Angst, AU, etc.
Rating & Warnings:
Word Count:
Beta (if applies):

***DISCLAIMER***: Any character represented here is the intellectual property of JK Rowling; we mean no copyright infringement with these fanworks, and no money is being made. Most of us have nothing to sue for anyway. Also, the content contained herein may contain sexual content homosexual and/or explicit nature; the reader's reactions are entirely their responsibility, and we won't be held responsible for them. If, despite the warnings we put up, you still find something you're offended by, that is your faul. If you don't like something, don't read it; it's that simple.

amor_remanet is the friendly mod in these parts; all comments, questions, etc. can be directed to her via email (duanya AT gmail DOT com).

NB: The lines in the comment links are a reference to "April Fools" by Rufus Wainwright, who is awesome.